Phase 2 starting in 3, 2, 1…blast off

In September 2013 on September 16, 2013 at 8:45 pm


OK, so I promised that ScienceforLife.365 would transition to phase 2 beyond National Science Week 2013.

First, I need to tell you about the most fabulous celebratory #BrainBreak Morning Tea I hosted to celebrate my year of daily blog posts.

A group of scientists, writers, communicators, colleagues, friends and family members joined me on August 14th to eat yummy cakes, drink tea and champagne and chew the fat about science and life. Photos from the day are shown below.

I was also delighted to receive a letter from  Tom Kenyon (SA Minister for Manufacturing, Innovation and Trade) and Grace Portolesi (SA Minister for Science and Information Economy) to mark this milestone.

The letter read as follows (reproduced with the permission of Minister Kenyon):

Dear Dr Keenihan

Congratulations on your blog Science for Life.365 which has celebrated science every day of the past year.

As the Minister for Science and Information Economy and the Minister for Manufacturing, Innovation and Trade, we both appreciate the significant contribution that South Australian scientists make to our community and our everyday lives.

In particular, we admire your year-long commitment to sharing with others how your daily life is shaped by your education in, and love of, science. We also applaud you efforts in encouraging an interest in science among the general public – particularly encouraging younger people to become fascinated by the world we live in.

As you know, the South Australian government seeks to raise the research and innovation profile of South Australia while at the same time encouraging a broader understanding within our community of the importance of science in our daily lives. We would like to recognise your efforts and your dedication to writing about science and thank you for your efforts.

Yours sincerely

Grace Portolesi and Tom Kenyon

I’m very grateful for the Ministers’ acknowledgement and everyone’s support, so thank-you.








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