Bears in the wood

In September 2013 on September 17, 2013 at 2:18 pm


Sarah: Being a science writer can be a big responsibility.

Sometimes I receive serious shout-outs for help.

Like this one from my little friend Horace, whom I first I met about 10 years ago. Horace is a horse, and lives with his mummy and daddy in Brisbane. He may or may not be stuffed with cotton.

Dear Ms Science for Life,

My ‘friend’ Pooh would like to know whether there is a biological reason why anthropomorphised bears never wear pants?  Cases in point: Pooh, Humphrey, Yogi and Paddington (see attached image of Pooh with his winter jumper on … note absence of a pant).



This was my reply:

Dear Horace,

It would be my pleasure to explain.

Have you heard the saying ‘Do bears poop in the woods?’ Obviously the answer is ‘Yes, they do. And frequently’.

Imagine an animal with no opposable thumb or indeed fingers (case in point Pooh shown above) trying to unbutton and pull down trousers 5-6 times a day – only to have to then pull them up again after lengthy arse-wiping with leaves. It would get messy. Tres, tres messy. Better to leave pants off altogether and avoid this issue completely.

Happy to be of assistance anytime.

Yours in science,

Ms Science for Life

Don’t tell me science isn’t useful.


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