Bang bang! Ant competition

In September 2013 on September 25, 2013 at 11:24 am

ant competition

Kirsti: It’s with a huge amount of joy that I join Sarah in celebrating science in our everyday lives.

Similar to Sarah’s days, science is ubiquitous in mine. As a good example, this morning involved counting the species of ants in our front and back gardens and discussing hypotheses around – as far as we can see – why there are more types of ants out the back.

Yep, even 2 year olds understand the notion of,

“Maybe they don’t like each other very much in the front garden?”

He proceeded to tell me why he thinks that might be,

“Those black ones are bigger, and fast. They’ll bang bang all the other ones”.

And lo and behold he has described an old-age explanation for coexistence of organisms  – competition between species!

So from today I will start to collect and reflect on my weekly obsessive explorations for answers, observations made in haste as a mother, overheard lab conversations, imperfect photos of unknown phenomenon, and tales of marvellous processes, discoveries, applications and awe of science.

I hope you enjoy my reading posts as much as I’m going to love putting them together.

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