Water leaked from my face

In February 2014 on February 6, 2014 at 9:12 pm

me and my shadow

Sarah: The conference is over baby, it’s never gonna be that way again.

I arrived in Brisbane on Sunday, buzzing with both the anticipation of catching up with new and old friends, and my involvement in several presentations. Yesterday, I left feeling intellectually inspired, tired, happy and maybe a little overwhelmed.

My main presentation was a case study describing how ScienceforLife.365 has contributed to my professional development as a writer.

Preparing and talking about this year-long blogging project required me to cast my mind back. Back to when I was in-deep-up-to-my-neck-no-escape, blogging every day and entirely focussed. It was a very solo commitment in a way. Most of the time, it was me and only me, alone with my thoughts and my ideas and my writing. Feedback received in the form of counting views, ‘likes’ and chats on social media offered a welcome reprieve from this isolation.

Taking it even further, in the conference session I had real-live people offering me fantastic feedback and comments and personal tales of their own blogging experiences. Really positive smiling people. So wonderful. (So wonderful in fact – and to use Will Grant‘s words – water leaked from my face. I think I got away with it….right Kirsti and Jenny?).

Next up, a joint post from Kirsti and myself, celebrating the fact that we are now officially friends in real life! Stay tuned.


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