A new woman

In April 2014 on April 3, 2014 at 1:13 pm


Sarah: I’ve had a bit of a tough week.

Tough in a first-world kinda way.

I’m grappling with transitioning to a new phase of work. The kids do too many activities. Everyone’s tired because we’re near the end of the school term. Night time coughs and bed-wetting have cropped up again. Balanced meals seemed to have gone by the wayside.

This morning after I had dropped the kids to school – following our usual amount of morning craziness, and a skinned knee and elbow for extra bite – I came home, and actually didn’t know what to do first. My tired brain simply couldn’t prioritise and plan a day’s worth of tasks.

So I napped.

After 15 minutes, I woke up a new woman.

Sleep works.

[image thanks to Cordey on flickr]


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