I’m popular, I’m never picked last

In April 2014 on April 7, 2014 at 12:47 pm


Sarah: While we’re talking People’s Choice awards, let’s look back over the most popular posts of 2014 so far.

Just by way of reminder, ScienceforLife.365 started as my year-long daily blogging project to show how science can frame the ordinary, every-day decisions in life. Now in its second phase, the blog features weekly contributions from both myself and ecologist/educator Kirsti Abbott. Other guest writers also pop up (and if you have a great idea which would fit under the ‘science for life’ motto, please be in touch).

For me, one of the most interesting aspects of the blog is that it attracts two separate audiences (because it appears in duplicate on two platforms, WordPress and Facebook). I’ve presented analysis of the differing interests of the two audiences in the past: at the 100-day mark of the first year, and at day 360, as the 1-year anniversary approached. Over phase 1 of the blog, WordPress readers preferred posts on art, food, fashion, literature, writing and discussions around journalism and communication. By contrast, Facebook friends were interested in animals, science humour, new ways of thinking about science and the more personalised aspects of science and learning.

Differences in content preferences by audience are not so strong so far this year, with many posts appearing in both top ten lists, as shown below. In general however, it is still clear that readers who enjoy the blog through Facebook continue to prefer posts with more personal content (whether that be from myself or Kirsti). It’s also great that Kirsti’s colleagues, friends and family members have strongly supported her move into weekly blogging, as evidenced by their ‘likes’ and comments. Many readers also seemed to particularly enjoy the stories around how Kirsti and I met for the first time earlier this year – happy moments!

Here are the top 10 posts for 2014 (so far) on WordPress:

  1. Knock knock
  2. Water leaked from my face
  3. Part time everything
  4. Getting uncomfortable
  5. It’s another scorcher
  6. Tick tick tock
  7. Sharing the love
  8. Information is beautiful
  9. You want more heat??!
  10. Multiple ways of knowing

On Facebook, the top 10 posts for the year thus far are:

  1. Water leaked from my face
  2. Knock knock
  3. Bone picking
  4. Getting uncomfortable
  5. A new woman
  6. From rocks to vegetables
  7. Friendships in science, part 1
  8. Friendships in science, part 2
  9. You want more heat??!
  10. Tick tick tock

What is your favourite ScienceforLife.365 post?

*title taken from this song

[image thanks to Klearchos Kapoutsis on flickr]





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