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In June 2014 on June 5, 2014 at 1:28 pm

in disguise

Sarah: Yesterday I delivered a guest lecture to postgraduate journalism students at the University of South Australia.

I spoke about how my experiences in science and writing, the role that blogging and social media has played in developing my skills, and how writing science can sometimes be a battle between the demands of rigorous and ethical science reporting versus the needs of news-makers.

The lecture time was 6pm – a terrible hour for any parent with young kids needing meals, homework done, bag sorting, lunchbox cleaning and general emotional health maintenance. Plus various piano lessons and footy practise drop-offs and pick-ups to squeeze in as well. With my two boys hand-balled in the direction of parents in law plus husband, I decided to take my 9-year old daughter to the lecture.

She loved it. Absolutely loved it! The chance to be in a university environment, sit in a lecture theatre, see what uni students look like, realise that what I do when she’d not there is valued by other people – she lapped it all up.

Take your kid to work sometime. It’s good for everyone.



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