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In August 2014 on August 3, 2014 at 1:14 pm


Sarah: A few days ago, guest-poster Cameron Webb issued me a challenge

Well I can’t just ignore that, can I? So here are my favourite haunts.

About 400m up the road from my house is a teeny-tiny converted cottage called Espresso Royale. The coffee here is literally delicious. With tables set up in the main room, a secondary sitting-room-styled area and a gorgeous wee kitchen garden back yard, it’s also a casual and flexible venue for both work and family visits. Sometimes I set myself up with headphones, a laptop and a flat white, and type away for an hour or so. Other days I arrange to meet interviewees here – Anthony and his staff always seems happy to accommodate. Lunch options are healthy and yummy, including turkish bread with pumpkin hommous. Also spotted here: PhD/dietician Jane Bowen, wine writer Nick Ryan.

If I’m looking for a bit more hustle and bustle, 1km down the road is Argo on the Parade. Coffee, fresh juices and yummy snacks a go-go. This place is the beating heart of Norwood, and run by the-man-with-the-community-know-how Daniel Milky. In mid-winter, and rugged up to the nines, an outside table is my usual haunt. People I know stream past and stop for a quick chat. Its great way to change up the solo existence I usually maintain as a home office-based freelancer. Also spotted here: journalism guru Katrina McLachlin, Leah Vandenburg from Playschool (well, during the festival anyhow).

As an ex-student of University of Adelaide, Rundle Street in the city is special to me. I used to wander up from the Medical School in lunchtimes and breaks between experiments, and spend money I didn’t have.  Right in this vicinity is Felici Espresso Bar. It’s the place I now meet friends and work colleagues in Kristin Alford and Heather Bray on a ‘need-to-stay-sane’ basis. We sit in the glass-enclosed front corner and chew the fat over matters ‘important and trivial’ (to steal another’s words). I couldn’t tell you about the food, but the coffees are top notch. Also spotted here: science communicator Adam Barclay, community engagement expert and science chameleon Noriko Wynn.

Also Cameron, your fallback position across Adelaide is Cibo.

[image thanks to Mike Poresky on flickr]



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