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In October 2014 on October 7, 2014 at 8:45 am

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Sarah: You may remember a previous SFL365 guest post Poo for good and not evil. Written by Mia Cobb, it talked about a cool project which used dog poo as a source of energy to power lights in public places.

Today Mia is back again to tell us about one of her current passions, a podcast which explores the science of our lives with animals. Over to you Mia!

Mia: The human world is filled with animals. Pets, wildlife, farms and zoos are important to so many people. But did you ever stop and wonder why?

Why are so many of us fascinated with other species? And what impact does that have on our lives? What can we learn about ourselves from animals, and how can we make the world a better place for both human and non-human animals?

Human Animal Science is a regular podcast hosted by me with Tim Adams in which we take a scientific view of the world of human and animal interactions.

The field of human animal science — also known as Anthrozoology — is a growing multidisciplinary field of enquiry, and one that produces fascinating topics. Together, Tim and I are lifelong learners in science and we come together to share our passion for science in this unique podcast.

Since starting in 2013, we’ve spoken to a diverse group of enthusiastic scientists from all around the world to explore questions like:

How can reading to a dog help develop children’s literacy skills?

What is the incredible archaeological backstory to that chicken wishbone from your roast dinner?

Why do pet cats like boxes so much?

How do our cultural experiences influence how people think about animals?

What can we do to address the importance of human-animal relationships to improve outcomes in disaster survival?

Is that stray cat in your neighbourhood a threat, or possibly a caretaker, to biodiversity?

When we talk about a dog’s guilty look, or grumpy cat, we attribute animals with human characteristics – does it matter?

In the next couple of months the Human Animal Science crew will celebrate our first birthday. We’ll be featuring great conversations with more scientists about the importance of bees to our everyday lives, how aerial drones are aiding conservation ecologists and how observing chimpanzees in the depth of Uganda can help us learn about the emergence of human language – we hope you’ll join us!

Tune in to Human Animal Science:






[image thanks to LaughingMonk on flickr]

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