Not so happy feet

In February 2015 on February 9, 2015 at 2:21 pm


Sarah: A recent birthday notwithstanding, I officially know I’m getting old: my feet are giving me merry hell.

Around the start of December, a stabbing pain showed up in my right heel. Not all the time, mind. First thing in the morning, after a stint sitting on the couch, other times here and there. Walking barefoot…..agony.

After a good 6 months of managing a running injury last year, I was a little scared. Did I need to stop? Strangely enough though, it never hurt me when exercising.

Attending a follow-up appointment at my podiatrist, I mentioned it to her. She asked what had changed in December – different exercise? New injury? No, and no, I answered, feeling confused.

She smiled knowingly, and explained the likely cause. Plantar fasciitis. Why? Tight calf muscles — not enough stretching after exercise, resulting in upward pulling and inflammation of the foot structures via my achilles tendon — and too much wearing of flippy floppy flat summer shoes.

So if you see me in a pair of those nice supportive wide and slightly elevated granny shoes, and pushing up against a wall with my right leg extended behind me, you’ll know why. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

[photo thanks to Janis Petranis on flickr]


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