Stand on your hands!

In March 2015 on March 2, 2015 at 10:56 am

kirsti Handstand 6Feb border

Kirsti: It’s the end of #handstandfebruary, didn’t you know?!

I enthusiastically joined Sonja Dominik for my inaugural handstand February in 2014.

Kirsti Handstand with Sonja 17Feb border

Now having just completed my second year, I suspect it will be an annual event in our household. Handstands are fun, often challenging, and who doesn’t want to improve their upper body strength? I’ve been doing them since I was 4, so there is no reason to stop now.

An unexpected benefit of daily handstands for me this year has been the improvement in my posture. Being conscious of my posture on a daily basis helps me to make frequent adjustments to align my body.

On a very simple level, standing up straight with my shoulders relaxed but aligned feels good, because my shoulders are often sore from so much handstanding!

It’s also because I am conscious of my body alignment when handstanding regularly; I think about my balance and alignment when grounded on my feet as well as on my hands.

But it also helps I came across this cool site that details ALL the muscles involved in doing a handstand, and shows progressions to the most awesome and complicated dream-on-dare-I-try-it handstands! It further lead me to make micro-corrections to my alignment and posture, and helped me stay vertical on my hands just like I do on my feet every day.

Biomechanics in sport is an important part of improving physical performance in competition. It involves analysing aspects of body movement like stillness (inertia), kinetics, velocity, rotation, acceleration, torque and muscle coordination.

I’ve blogged about rediscovering gymnastics, and the physical and cognitive benefits it will have for me into old age. But I’d be fairly willing to say now that just a handstand a day might keep the physio away!

Kirsti Handstand 5Feb border

  1. Mia and Julie of Do You Believe In Dog? taught me that DOGS do handstands too! I must find a canine training buddy…. 🙂

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