The real reason paleo irks me

In March 2015 on March 16, 2015 at 9:53 pm


Sarah: You know, I’ve just worked out the real reason Pete Evan’s paleo movement irks me.

It’s not the failed release of his book which apparently recommends bone broth as a formula-substitute for babies who aren’t able to breast-feed. It’s not the endless stories of reformed lives and diet-induced rescue from every manner of illness that appear on his Facebook page. It’s not his switch to eating and raving about sugary desserts with each new well-paid season of MKR.

What really bugs me is that it’s making me feel inadequate.

Inadequate because on the odd occasion that I cook Italian, I don’t make almond pizza dough. Inadequate because I’d rather eat a piece of French brie every fortnight or so, as opposed to cheese made from macadamia, lemon juice and Himalayan sea salt. Inadequate because I don’t skip gleefully down a sun-drenched beach and revel in ‘moving my body everyday’. Inadequate because I actually enjoy eating raw, hand-ground organic grains for breakfast. They’re raw and hand-ground and organic, for goodness sake!

I eat lots of veges. I avoid junk food most of the time. I do lots of exercise. I know sugar is bad for me, but I still eat it occasionally. I’m happy with that.

So bugger off Pete. You can have your paleo. I’ll just stick with eating and living like a well-informed and slightly flawed 21st century Homo sapien.


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