Being human

In July 2015 on July 21, 2015 at 2:38 pm

orange human

Sarah: For many of us who live in so-called ‘civilised’ Western societies, life is very different from that of our ancestors a mere thousand or so years ago.

Thanks to vaccination and drug development, acute infectious diseases rarely kill us.

With good obstetric care, nutrition and housing, our children and new mothers survive the days, weeks, months and years immediately following birth.

Thanks to organised agriculture and government amenities, most of us are freed from the bonds of constantly sourcing food and water for ourselves and our families.

Living in cities, towns and on cleared land, we rarely need to face the challenges of the wild – whether that be in the form of extreme weather, or the large and sometimes carnivorous animals that live in many parts of the world.

When the footage of surfer Mick Fanning being confronted by a very large shark surfaced this week, we all gasped. Because most of us will never ever face such a danger. That doesn’t mean it’s not natural. That doesn’t mean we have a right to kill sharks in the name of protection (paywall).

It just means we’re damned lucky.

And so is Mick.

[image thanks to Kumar’s Edit]

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