Adventures in winter

In August 2015 on August 10, 2015 at 2:47 pm

adventure web

Sarah: It can be tough to get through winter with your body and mind in good shape.

Dark mornings, wind and rain, layers of clothing and too much calorie-laden food usually conspire to dampen my mood over Australia’s June, July and August.

But this year I’m finding it easier.

I’ve become adventurous, and joined a trail running group.

Every Wednesday I’m taken on a guided tour of sorts through Adelaide’s hills and dales. There’s a bit of jogging, but not always. We climb up rocks, we scale slippery slopes, we balance over logs and streams. We see kangaroos and small marsupials, we hear birds and we enjoy spectacular views over our city.

Now I’m getting more confident, I’m starting to hit the trails on my own when I have spare time. I feel like a kid, brave and strong.

I snap photos, I look around, I take my time. If I want company, I rely on my favourite podcasters to natter away in my ear (RadioLab, So You Want To Be a Writer, and Science Vs most of the time ).

Winter’s not so bad with adventures.

adventure path 2

adventure path

adventure city


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