The ingredients of life

In September 2015 on September 2, 2015 at 2:38 pm


Sarah: There’s a cemetery near my house.

The kids and I walk past it often. We’re prone to wandering amongst the gravestones as well, sometimes to pick dandelions and other times trying to find a geocache that someone has sneakily tucked away somewhere very secret.

My little one is aged 6. He asked me recently:

“Where the people are whose headstones are shown above the ground?”

I said they were buried underneath.

Large pause.

“But what happens to their bodies, they’re in the dirt!”

I paused too.

Eventually I came up with something.

“People’s bodies are made from the same ingredients that make dirt.

So the bodies just break down and make new dirt.

So then it helps new flowers and tress to grow.”

Damn I was happy with that explanation! I think he was too – as he leapt on his scooter and raced away.



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