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Day 314. Soundtrack to my life

In June 2013 on June 23, 2013 at 7:56 pm


It occurred to me the soundtrack of my life over the past 20 years of so has been strongly dominated by Australian Broadcasting Commission radio.

1994-2000: Honours and PhD studies; daily activities structured to allow for listening to Sarah MacDonald‘s morning show on Triple J – for example, I would book shared microscope and FACS facilities to conduct tedious analysis during most mornings from 9am-12pm.

2000-2003: living in Jakarta; limited radio exposure, but ABC Asia Pacific news every day on the TV.

2003-2007: back home in Adelaide, two babies in close succession; a WHOLE lot of radio as a valuable source of adult company; included Matthew Abraham and David Bevan (then Mornings hosts on 891 ABC Local Radio Adelaide) and Natasha Mitchell (then All in the Mind host).

2007-2010: part-time work, a third baby and discovered distance running as a form of exercise; enter podcasts – ABC The Health ReportABC Radio Science Show, Conversations with Richard Fidler.

2010-current: more work, increasingly hectic children’s schedules = snatches of morning and afternoon radio; constantly fighting the urge to sit in my car or fold laundry to the sounds of Natasha Mitchell (now at Life Matters), Books and Arts Daily and By Design.

[image thanks to Ugg Boy Ugg Girl]


Day 221. Hello….and goodbye

In March 2013 on March 21, 2013 at 10:28 am


Two hours ago I listened to an incredible story on ABC 891 Adelaide.

The story was of Tully, a baby boy born to Adelaide couple Sarah and Mat, also twin brother to Ruby and younger brother to four other siblings.

Tully only lived for two days. He was taken home to die, and spend time – yes, even after death – with his family. While this offered Tully’s family the chance to love him a few extra days before saying their final goodbyes, it did present a practical difficulty in that his deceased body needed to be kept cool.

As a result, Tully’s family started a campaign to raise funds to purchase items called Cold Cots. Cold Cots offer parents a practical way to keep their baby cool after death, thus extending the time before their child needs to be sent to the mortuary. Fundraising through the website MumsLikeMe, Sarah and Mat have now raised enough money to purchase nine Cold Cots.

You can read more about Tully’s legacy in an article written by ABC 891 Adelaide journalist Matthew Abraham.

The article, interview and related clips are thoroughly heart-wrenching. But they leave me so full of admiration for a couple who were determined to do their best to know and love their son, and give other bereaved new parents the same opportunity.

To Sarah, Mat, and Tully’s siblings I say bravo, and strength.

[image thanks to ninefish on flickr]

Day 22. Sugar

In September 2012 on September 3, 2012 at 12:12 pm

Are you confused about sugar?

There have been a few headline-inspiring articles written about sugar lately, one even proposing that at high levels it should be considered as toxic. What should we believe?

Writers at ABC Health and Wellbeing have put together a well-researched, balanced article to help you out.

To quote nutritionist Rosemary Stanton, the bottom line is that

“to say that sugar is worse calories than other calories is an exaggeration and a distortion of the facts.”

Good scientific evidence shows that:

  • Most people who wage a sudden war against sugar lose weight because they stop eating processed foods, and choose healthier options;
  • Sugar is not inherently toxic – it’s just another form of over-consumed calories;
  • Fructose as part of a balanced diet will not directly create health problems – again, it boils down to whether you’re eating too may calories overall;
  • Eating realistic amounts of sugar does not create an addiction-like profile in your brain;
  • Sugary drinks are a problem. They deliver calories with minimal nutritional value, they don’t fulfill hunger and are linked to reduced bone strength and dental problems.

To say I’m relieved is an understatement. Because while I’ll happily say no to bread and soft drinks, cakes and biscuits are my weakness. Wholemeal, of course…