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High five, Doc.

In November 2013 on November 14, 2013 at 9:59 pm

high five

Sarah: I’ve been somewhat of a grump this week.

Recovering from a terrible springtime lurgy whilst battling an undercurrent of daily hayfever makes me prone to having a whinge. Add a sick kid, lack of exercise and accumulated work, argh!

Today, I sensed a change in the wind.

This morning, prompted by a renewed fever and sore throat in my oldest kid, we tried out the new doctor at our local GP clinic. Mounted on his desk was……a thing. A structured, squarish black plastic thing, on which was perched his computer screen and keyboard. Could it be? Yes! A portable modification to make a standing desk!

I’ve written several times previously (Sitting and standingMaking a stand, The walking meeting) on my urge to make the standing desk a part of my working habit. So this discovery made me excited. Very excited!

I quizzed the doctor,

“Where did you get that? How much was it?”

Turns out it’s a prototype, and he’s the ‘Chief Ideas Man’ over at ZestDesk. He and his team have founded a business based on the mission statement:

One of the biggest causes of modern day illness is the fact we spend a third of our lives sitting at a desk. We are on a mission to make people more healthy by giving them a practical alternative to sitting. More specifically, we are building the world’s most beautiful portable standing desk.

Our prototype phase will be complete by the end 2013 and we will then be opening up pre-sales via a crowd funding site. Please support us so we can take it global!

Oh, did we have a good old chat. I’ll be keeping my eye on ZestDesk.

Also, I’ve broken out of my grumpy funk. My kids’ health is fine too. High five on all fronts, Doc.

[image thanks to johnseidman1988 on flickr]


Day 172. Making a stand

In January 2013 on January 31, 2013 at 8:31 pm

calvesFinally, term 1 of the 2013 school year has commenced.

The house is mine, mine, all mine!

I sat down for a long spell at my desk today to tackle some work. It felt wrong; too much sitting! The knowledge from previous posts – see here and here – was making me twitchy.

Inspired by Kristin Alford‘s recently upgraded desk set-up, showing a standing set-up at the rear (for social media and email), and a seated position at the front (for thinking and writing):

desk Kristin

I made this, using a toddler stool:


Instantly better!

Not the perfect height, but fine for breaking up the sitting. A standing desk, using existing household materials.

[calf image thanks to vagawi on flickr]

Day 113. Sitting and standing

In December 2012 on December 3, 2012 at 6:01 pm


This is my desk.

A recent heavier-than-usual workload and associated increased hours at the laptop has left me with a twinging sciatic nerve and an aching fixed-in-the-position-of-mouse-use right arm.

Too much sitting!

Then today I noted author Rebecca Skloot (she of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks) posted a note on twitter about her desk set-up

Since earlier post saying I use a treadmill desk, I’ve been flooded w requests 4 info. So I posted details here w/pics:

Take a look at the link. It shows and describes how Rebecca has set up her home office with a treadmill and associated computer station so she can walk whilst writing.

A recent article at New York Times “Taking a Stand for Office Ergonomics” also discussed the topic.

I think I’m going to have to investigate this further.